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Giant Swarm GmbH Headquartered in US only

Job Description

We are looking for a Technical Product Marketing Manager

Your Job

  • You are our first hire for our Product Marketing. We know that this is a key role in our products success and we want somebody who takes the lead here. We currently have three Product Owners and one Inbound Marketing Manager who closely works with our CEO. With all of them and the entire team you share and communicate your expertise and get things done.

  • Our product is used by large enterprises and we have a lot of experience with why and how we do things and we intend on better communicating that, which will be one of your main responsibilities. Of course, you are not alone, but you’ll be taking the lead here.

  • You are responsible for the content of our website, the creation of the product related part of sales materials, ebooks, pitch decks, product slides etc. You don’t have to do the organizational part, but enabling the Sales team and training them on our product, features and competitors should be something you are motivated by.

  • Together with the Marketing and Content team, you ensure that our customers are informed about new features through product presentations, documentation, e-books and blog posts.


  • You have worked in Product Marketing before, technical writing will be a plus. Ideally, you have at least 3 years of work experience in a tech-driven environment (best case scenario, you have a background in enterprise software, cloud, open source and distributed systems). You don’t need to be a coder, but basic knowledge of Linux or a little bit of programming will help you understand what we do.

  • You can deal with being empowered to make decisions and you like a high amount of self-organization in teams. We'd be happy if you have gained experience in cross-functional teams.

  • You have a good grasp on the ecosystem we operate in and you understand the market, product, business, and any constraints involved.

  • You like Research! You observe the trends in the ecosystem. You attend conferences and read relevant publications. You should also test-drive competitors solutions for comparison and input.

  • You have excellent Communication skills in English and German. You are happy to transform complex technical stuff into simple and intuitive communications.

Why we think this Job is cool

  • Impact, Impact, Impact! We are currently a fully remote organization with 25 people with 13 nationalities (located in 9 countries). Every new team member changes the team. This is great! People who know things we don’t are highly welcome.

  • You can dive deep into Product Development and Roadmap Creation. You are responsible together with our PO’s how and where new features will be promoted. You are leading here.

  • Are you in love with a special topic? No problem. The way we’re organized into SIGs (Special Interest Groups) offer you the freedom to work on things you really love (UX, Security…)

  • We serve some of Europe's leading organizations and are talking to many more. We play a key-role in our customers digital transformation. We have partnered up with AWS and Microsoft to provide our solution on their cloud platforms - more will follow. This diverse mix will help you to bring life to the broad field of Product Marketing for Giant Swarm.

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