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Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida Headquartered in US only

Job Description

Help Us Swing a Swing State!

Who we are:

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida coordinates environmental policy for the Florida Democratic Party. The Caucus also connects environmental experts and activists with elected officials and candidates, and endorses and supports candidates for public office. In addition, we work to inform and improve government and private sector policy through issue advocacy with the public and policy-makers.

Why it matters:

As the nation’s largest swing state, Florida will have a chance to lead the blue wave in this year’s midterm elections. And since our state grapples with some of the nation’s most imminent environmental threats, environmental issues will have a dramatic impact on the outcomes of our election. If the Caucus can succeed in getting Florida voters to “think green and vote blue,” we can contribute substantially to getting the state and the nation back on track. As a volunteer/intern with the Caucus, you will play an active role in making this victory a reality.

What the job is:

The Caucus operates primarily through its 11 county and regional chapters. They share a website (in need of updating and maintenance), and each has a FB page, a Twitter presence (to varying degrees), and little more. Between now and the general election in November, we plan to mount a large and coordinated campaign to get out the “green” vote statewide. The digital media coordinator will work with the Caucus communications working group to develop and implement a cutting edge social media campaign designed to reach environmentally minded voters, particularly but not solely millennials, and get them to the polls.

We all work remotely, so you need not be physically located in Florida to be effective. (We love our Democratic colleagues in CA and NY, but they don’t need your help as much as we do!) We need a commitment through November, but we do anticipate an on-going need thereafter. We anticipate needing 10 - 15 hours a week of your time, though that may vary over the course of the campaign.

The coordinator will lead the SM design of the campaign, and all of our digital media messaging. The coordinator will recommend what platforms to use and how, advise on and develop content, define and utilize metrics, and assist Caucus leaders in implementation at the state and local level. The coordinator will also serve as administrator of the state-level website and FB page.


Our ideal candidate is a committed environmentalist and/or Democrat with experience in communications or strategy roles in political or environmental campaigns and the creativity and digital communications skills to envision and build a successful get out the vote campaign from scratch.

The ideal candidate will have to be comfortable working remotely, responsive (online and sometimes on the phone), and flexible, while being organized and able to meet deadlines.

The ideal candidate will have photo and video editing skills, an in-depth working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+, and experience with social media analytics, including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

We will provide documentation for graduate-level college credit as needed.

To apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter explaining your interest, a writing sample (if you have one) and as many samples of work with social media (i.e. social media plan, campaign, contest, etc.) as you can.

To: Wayne Brody ([email protected]) and Guy Hancock ([email protected])

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